Cane River Rules & Regulations

Cane River Rules & Regulations: It is against the law to toss any kind of trash(cans, bottles, boxes,plastics, garbage, anything foreign to the lake) into the water from either boat, barge, or the bank. The penalties for doing so can be severe, but the really important thing is that doing so degrades the quality of the lake we enjoy. So Please Do Not Litter!

People are urged to be constantly vigilant toward practicing safety. Most boating accidents involve the misuse of alcohol.

Remember you are responsible for your passengers, so do not allow them to ride, sit, or hang over the back, side, or bow of your vessel. Due to the narrow width of Cane River it is almost impossible for power boaters to travel without affecting other boaters, swimmers, fisherman and skiers. Be aware of your boats wake and the impact that it will have on others, and use Cane River in a safe and friendly manner.

Important Rules

  • All Boats Must Comply with State & Local Regulations
  • No-Wake Zones are IDLE Speed Only
  • 40-MPH Speed Limit
  • Rules of the Road - Stay Right, Pass on Left
  • Any Construction To the Bed or Bank of the Lake will require a Federal/Local Permit prior to Construction
  • Fireworks - For Safety reasons all vessels are require to be behind designated safety zone areas 1 hour prior to display and plan to stay there until 30 minutes or more after the display ends
  • Christmas Festival Day - No Boats larger than 28' are allowed and no Alcohol is permitted from Hwy 1 Bridge North to the Dam
  • Completion of a boating safety course is required for all boat operators
  • Lights - All Boats must display proper navagation lights between sunset & sunrise. All Anchord Boats must display a white light between sunset & sunrise
  • Make sure your powerboat has a "kill switch" installed. And please remember to use it
  • Children 16 and under must wear a Coast Guard approved P.F.D.
  • Always wear a life jacket.