Lake Status

By Cane River Waterway Commission

Cane River Lake is currently at 98.5 MSL  @ 8:00 am on September 28, 2020

The lake and landings are open to boating traffic.  Please use caution and stay close to the center channel as there are many downed trees along the shorelines that extend into the lake.  Watch for floating debris, underwater obstructions and navigate carefully.  Remember to boat sober, safe, and always wear your life jackets. 

Cane River Lake is experiencing a fish kill on the lake in the Lambre’ Gin-Shell Beach area.  This is attributable to a decrease in dissolved oxygen in a large area where after investigation indicates dissolved oxygen values below 2 ppm. These values are too low for many fish species present in Cane River Lake to survive for long periods.  The dissolved oxygen crash was due to a natural phenomenon (weather conditions) and not a human caused point source. This low dissolved oxygen condition should be temporary, and conditions should return to normal once weather conditions improve.   Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries are aware and monitoring.  If you notice a fish kill in another location of the lake, please let us know so it can be checked out.  Contact Betty Fuller 318-617-3235.