Public Notice -Lake Alert

By Cane River Waterway Commission

The Cane River Waterway Commission, working together with the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, has been working to control the spread of Giant Salvinia in Cane River Lake.  Giant Salvinia is an invasive species of vegetation that quickly spreads, and can have a significant negative impact on a water body.  Giant Salvania has been identified in a canal located just North of Washington Street, and has the potential to enter Cane River Lake following rains.  In an attempt to control the spread of the Giant Salvania into the lake, the Commission has placed booms in the canal.  On March 7, 2020 it was discovered that the main boom located at the mouth of the Canal and Cane River Lake was released and cut making it non-effective.  The Commission has moved another boom in its place to protect the lake.  The Commission is in process of treating and removing the Salvinia in the canal, but these efforts will be much more effective if the spread of the vegetation can be limited.  If the booms are not in place the invasive species will reach the lake and could quickly spread.

The Commission would urge the public to not tamper with the booms that are located in the canal.  The Commission has further requested the assistance of law enforcement to investigate the potential tampering with the boom.  Tampering with the booms will lead to a negative impact on the lake and could result in criminal charges.   Anyone with relevant information is encouraged to contact the following: 

Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries 318-487-5634

Natchitoches Parish Sheriff's office 318-352-6432

Natchitoches City Police 318-352-8101

CRWC Administrator Betty Fuller 318-617-3235