Cane River Waterway Commission

The Cane River Waterway Commission members: Larry Paige, Margaret Vienne, Van Wiggins, Jim Rhodes, Chad Methvin, and ex-officio C.D. Brazzel Jr. realize the overriding concern for safety, and it is a tribute to the public that Cane River Lake has such an enviable safety record.

Cane River Lake is a relatively small body of water. Although it stretches about 36 miles in length, Cane River Lake averages 300 feet in width, giving it a surface area of less than 1,000 acres. The small size and the configuration, and shallow depth create problems with multiple use of the Lake that the Commission and public must address.

Two times each year the commission has Altec from Shreveport test the lake to make sure the water is safe for public use. It is illegal to contaminate Cane River, and the public is invited to report possible sources of contamination, such as sewage discharge, pesticides, household drainage to the commission.

Commission Members

Cane River Patrol